Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cheap Pacifism.

Wretchard exceeds his usual self (which does say a lot). He writes about the death of Tom Fox.

It is abundantly clear from the Christian Peacemaker Team website that they could hardly have done more to declare their sympathy for the Muslim world, the Palestinian cause or their distaste for America. A less haggard Tom Fox is shown holding up a sign protesting the construction of an Israeli barrier in "Palestine". There's a statement abhorring the publication of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons, which says:...
Source: The Belmont Club - Crushed and broken on the virgin soul
The Christian Peacemaker's probably felt they would be insulated from attacks by the terrorists with their positions on such matters. However, the terrorists viewed Tom Fox as a dirty kaffir worthy of not just death but a horrible one.

Wretchard then goes on to detail about a someone who was tasked with the murder of a Marcos (i.e. Ferdinand Marcos from the Philippines) informer. The informer was killed before the assassin could carry out his deed and was thankful for it. He then asks is proper is it okay to have another to do your own dirty work? He phrases it along these lines. If Tom Fox knew of a car bomber headed for a school bus of children, would Tom Fox have used violence to save the school children, would Tom Fox have condemned a US Soldier who used violence to save the school children?

The commentary section is even more interesting. Wretchard is normally a level headed writer, but the distinct feeling of rage comes across in his commentary. Most interesting is this comment from Wretchard:
We read from Reuters that his poor guy was tortured before he died. I thought on all his past pictures, the earnest looks, the hopeful orange uniform ... all the useless accoutrements of pacifism ... and get very, very angry. Those SOBs had no right to kill this man any more than they had a writ to kill a child.

Civilization, if it has any purpose, to protect the silly and the weak in spite of themselves. The kids, retards, old, infirm and the pacifists. None should die before the wolves while civilization stands. We no longer leave grandma on the trail with a bottle of whisky and a razor when she gets too old to walk. From that point of view no innocent man deserves to die. But Tom Fox's killers certainly do.
Source: Follow Up Commentary to The Belmont Club's Crushed and broken on the virgin soul
He is more active in the commentary than usual and on each one of those comments I get the same sense of rage.

His killers will do so again and again and again. They will not attack the coalition soldiers instead they will hunt out the defenseless.

Quite a bit of condescension is dripped on the bumper-sticker pacifist, they live a cheap existance in comparison to Mr. Fox. God rest the soul of Tom Fox, he has found his cherished peace.