Saturday, March 11, 2006

Not Quite the Last Word

On the Dubai Ports World deal disaster.

There are quite a few commentators out there that are taking exception to the charges of racism and xenophobia some supporters are making against opponents. Well, if the shoe doesn't fit then never mind. There are good arguments to be made and bad arguments to be made.

Last night I popped into Dummocrats to see what their take was and in fact I knew what their take was, commented on it, and had not visited or followed up on my comments. Well, take a look at these two doozies:
...RE: You missed the world's best ribs in Billy Blues a barbecue joint in one of Dubai's hotels.

Hey, are those HUMAN ribs recovered from victims of that mornning's hotel bombings?

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Islam sucks!
Source: Daddy's Commentary to Dummocrat's About that Dubai Port Deal blog.

That's not all in the same commentary thread we see:
This is to Marcus.........maybe you can explain to us all who the "MODERATE ARAB GOVERNMENT " is ?
I think the thing you and many might overlook THEIR Religion and Government .... are one & the same.
Its not alot different then the Cartoon wars going on .....IF you don't stand for something ,, you will fall for anything....

Don't even talk to me about your time in Dubai.. I have spent 9 years in Saudi and know the ideology well...

nice try , though!
Source: Panama's Commentary to Dummocrat's About that Dubai Port Deal blog.

Panama drank too much sidiqqi (nasty homebrew liquor conconction) in Saudia Arabia. In any event his view is racist. The situation in Saudi as opposed to Dubai is no more similar than they are between Bedford, Alabama versus the upper East Side of Manhattan New York City. Heck, drive one mile into Oman from Al-Ain and into Oman's Al-Buraimi (this map is not quite right, Al-Buraimi was definitely in Oman) and there were noticeable differences. The local dressed differently and the architecture of the mosques was noticeably different.

Most blogs, radio commentators, and print commentators have expressed fairly well informed opinions (informed to one degree or another from so-so to pretty well) on the matter. Quite a bit of street talk and some of the comments on blogs I have read typically (again, not always) boil down to ignorance or prejudice. Unfortunately, too many of our elected leaders reacted with ignorance.

Usually, I assume differences to be honest, not in this case. I have a hard time believing many of our elected leaders who went up and talked about how we were handing over security to Arabs (or A-Rabs as one Wisconsin legislature said in debating the ethanol bill) were being honest.

Now, if you were opposed to the DPW deal don't necessarily take this as an indictment of your motives and positions. I admit there were good reasons to be suspicious but it wasn't plain suspiciousness that carried the day, it was more.