Friday, March 10, 2006

Here a RINO, There a RINO, Everywhere a RINO.


It is RINO hunting season. Sean at The American Mind points out this blog by Dennis York with a spoof piece that Charlie Sykes is now at the receiving end of the RINO charge. Hehehe, funny stuff.

Seriously, though the RINO charge is often casually tossed about. Kinda like racist and PC. I consider a RINO to be an elected official who can not possibly be elected as a Democrat in a district so they join the Republican party. They may participate in Republican functions and court the Party when they need help or support, but when it comes for them to support other Republican causes or candidates they bolt. A RINO is a Republican who wants Republican support but is unwilling to give their support to the Party.

Yes, after a certain level it is impossible for RINOs to be elected as they are ferreted out, and the parties do not support them. They mostly reside in local offices and especially those considered non-partisan.