Thursday, March 30, 2006

Governor Doyle Thanks You!

Carrick Bend Why does Governor Doyle thank him? For this sentiment:
Unless something changes I will not vote for governer [sic] in 2006. I am a conservative and since their are no conservatives in the race I do not see the need to vote for either the Liberal or the RINO.
Source: Carrick Bend Thoughts - I will not vote for governer [sic] in 2006
Of course, there are all sorts of people in this world but Carrick Bend is one onto his own if he believes Mark Green is a RINO. By that definition so too is Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, James Sensenbrenner et al.

According to the American Conservative Union Mark Green's lifetime rating is 88 tied with Jim Sensenbrenner. Paul Ryan's lifetime rating is 92 a touch better than both, and Tom Petri coming in at 77. I wonder how Scott Walker would fare under such a bill.

I recall in 2002 the nutty Libertarians said they could not support anyone for Governor. They said this since Governor McCallum is not sufficiently pure enough when it comes to gun rights. Well, we would have concealed carry now if Governor McCallum were in office but he is not. Carrick had better think about what he wants, because what he wants is Doyle in office yet.

This charge of RINO seems to come down to one issue and that is Mark Green's position on ethanol. I don't like it either, but one issue does not a RINO make.