Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Immigration Thoughts.

Mark Belling is substituting for Rush today and is espousing a very well balanced position on illegal immigration.

Of course, most of us in position B want the border controlled, that is no enters our nation improperly. Mark, however, does not see it as justice to round up the 12 million or so illegal immigrants and kick them out. Also, it is a very impractical matter, ugh that sounds like something Shrillary Clinton said.

A lot of people say that if we get rid of the illegal immigrants then we will have jobs for the unemployed. That idea assumes all jobs are the same and they are not the same. Now, to an American a job that pays $12.50/hour may be a poor job (not considering the work being done), but to someone from a poor area of Mexico that is big money and they can support their family back in Mexico on that pay.

Immigration has never been easy, and immigrants always take the jobs on the low end of the skill/pay scale.