Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Leaning For

The amendment prohibiting gay marriage.

I am constitutionally (i.e. my constitution) opposed to gay marriage, but the issue doesn't stir me to passion. Its on the ballot so I will vote for the amendment.

Now, there are conservatives who oppose the amendment on libertarian grounds. Conservatives and leftists need to remember that. The Conservative coalition is split into several different groups.

Libertarians are very much government keep your hands off of my business and stuff. Cultural conservatives (which IMO is the dominant and growing group in the Conservative movement) do not mind restrictions on lifestyle issues under certain circumstances. Count myself in the later group (think: First Former, Last Later).

Why? Its not a position I am versed enough to argue for. I have been paying cursory attention to the writings of Stanley Kurt on National Review and he makes the case gay marriage has plenty of social costs I do not think the nation should be asked to bear.

Now, recall my earlier proviso the issue doesn't stir me to passion. I have never advocated for it, I have not studied deeply the pro and con positions. Given that, I do characterize my position as leaning for, not because I think I can be swayed into the anti-camp but because I am not going to push hard for it.

IIRC I have a total of two blogs about gay marriage, one in Nov of 2004 some commentary on the legislative debate over the amendment (IIRC that was 2-3 weeks ago) but other than that I have not commented extensively on the subject here or elsewhere.

BTW: Charlie Sykes is serving as a Blogosphere reaction clearing house on the topic. Go check it out.