Sunday, March 12, 2006

No to A Coup.

The best and most productive sources I have related to the political situation in the Philippines are the following three blogs: and the Philippino newspaper website

DJB Rizalist is definitely opposed to PGMA, The Belmont Club's Wretchard does a good job of hiding his position and usually provides good analysis of what he thinks is happening and what is going to happen. He does not provide what he hopes is happening and what he hopes will happen. I suspect though based on some of his blogs and some of the stories he tells, he may be among PGMA's opposition (though he does not live in the Philippines). The INQ7 is a newspaper and while they do a good job of reporting facts and events it is widely held the MSM in the Philippines also desires PGMA to leave office.

Statue of Manuel Quezon on Corregidor Island.
MLQIII I think is also opposed to PGMA but not so vehemently as DJB Rizalist. MLQIII also is the grandson of Manuel Quezon who was President of the Philippines at the outset of WWII and went into exile from Corregidor.

Another occasional commentator on the situation is also on my blogroll and he is Willie Galang. Willie is a PGMA supporter one of the few in the blogosphere (count me in as well). He once said on his blog (reference is gone) and I paraphrase, I support PGMA but she makes it hard to be a supporter. I heartily concur.

I would support PGMA's ouster if there was a good answer to the following question: Who would be president after PGMA's resignation or ouster? Rizalist gave an answer to that question over at Bob's Mindanao Blog but that was a long time ago and is lost in the blog's history (a determined searcher should be able to find it). However, it is my opinion the disease is not rooted in a single person but is the predominant political culture in the Philippines. Change the president and little changes.

Willie says:
I hope my country will not eventually go the way of Myanmar (Burma). If she does, Manila will be worse than Rangoon. We're going to have a corrupt military that takes orders from politicians that have links to local and transnational organized crime syndicates while local show business and mainstream media organizations with very close business and familial ties to the previous administration, will ensure the entire setup is acceptable to the general masses. (I mean, give junta seats to Susan Roces, Kris Aquino, and Willie Revillame and the people will be happy even if they're, and remain, poor.) Game ka na ba? (Are you game?) Wow wow wee!
Source: Willie Galang - Filipinos must reject notions of military junta
I believe that any outcome except for the orderly resignation of PGMA would result in a military junta. While it is the stuff of rumor the NPA (i.e. the left) and the right are working together to oust PGMA, I don't see it. Recent events show a lack of coordination between the left and the right; they are united in rhetoric only.

If a PGMA ouster is extra-constitutional (I'll give you the obvious comment but we are talking current events, not history) then it will be a military junta that will be in control. The NPA will not stand for that. I also highlight Willie's fear such a junta will be worse than others and would have current PGMA opponents pining for the liberal days of PGMA.

Heheh, I love Willie's parting references to two popular Philippino gameshows. On that note, I have a burning question for any Philippinos reading this blog. Are there any signs Wowwowwee is coming back? I pray it so!