Thursday, March 30, 2006

Limited but Liberal Immigration.

I believe many supporters of uncontrolled and wide open immigration assume that America is Midasland that whatever is done here in America automatically blossoms into prosperity. That is false.

America was established on a unique set of values that have led to the prosperity we have here. The former USSR blessed with bountiful farmland should have bloomed into a major agricultural production center. It never did because the USSR was founded on a faulty set of values that stifled the energy of its population. Now to be sure, the history of the USSR probably had something to do with it, but that history formed a set of values and led to the monstrosity that was the USSR.

Here in the USA we as a people still generally support those who bust their tails to provide goods and services. We don't view the producers with jealousy and try to extort their wealth we try to emulate them and create wealth. We must be careful immigration does not lead to a culture that rewards the grasshopper and punishes the ant.

Immigrants bring a work ethic driven by poverty and desperation, not by culture. While those immigrants come they need to be inculcated in our culture so when they make it (and undoubtedly a certain number of them will make it) they will help show their fellow immigrants the way. A way built on hard work and producing goods and services, not by lobbying the government for freebies.