Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sympathy for the Devil.

Jerry Bader observed on WTAQ today that many people have some sympathy for Steven Avery. The avenue is 18 years of being in jail for a crime he did not commit would be enough to turn a good guy into a bad guy. After all prisons are notorious for being criminal college.

Captain Ed noted sometime ago that of the 163 prisoners released from prison by the Wisconsin Innocence Project (WIP) only two have faced criminal charges after their release (this counts Avery so it is 1 prior to the Halbach case). A commentator reports the normal recidivism rate for felons released from prison is 70%, that is for every 100 felons let out of jail, 70 find themselves back in jail within four years.

Okay, what does this say? It tells me the people released by the WIP's efforts are indeed innocent. It also tells me the people released did not snap or become vengeful after their release, they went back to life as much as they can.

Now, Mr. Bader noted that of the 18 years Mr. Avery spent in prison, six were being served concurrently for another crime, so to say Mr. Avery was in prison for nothing all 18 years is wrong. So, we have a genuine felon here in Mr. Avery and as it appears genuine felons are just–BAD.

Don't give Mr. Avery the out that he snapped because of his wrongful incarceration. Mr. Avery is a bad man, and if not for the jail term Theresa Halbach may still be alive because it would have been Jane Doe on June 27, 1989 or April 15, 1993, or September 21, 1998...