Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another Touchy Religion.

Isaac Hayes may cease being the voice of Chef on Southpark. Why? Because Southpark made fun of Scientology.

It was all fun when Southpark pokes fun at Mormons and Christians eh Isaac? Not so funny anymore, eh?

In the end Southpark does poke fun at religions but I have seen some episodes that really outline Christianity's central message.

For example on a Christmas episode Santa Claus went to Iraq to spread the good feelings to the Iraqi children. Well, Santa's sled was shot down and Santa was captured and was being tortured. The boys along with Jesus went to rescue Santa. The boys and Santa escape but only because Jesus stayed behind and held up the Iraqis pursuing them, yes Jesus was killed in action.

On his return Santa says Jesus died for me and reminds the audience that Jesus died for them as well.

Now Tom Cruise is throwing a snit-fit and has caused Comedy Central to pull a repeat of the episode in question. Wah-wah-wah go the Scientologists.