Friday, April 21, 2006

Like Digging Up Tax Records?

Charlie Sykes summarizes the Feindgold ad that is causing a stir:
The line that jumps out is when the Rove character urges the president to ignore the constitution and begin wiretapping people, including eavesdropping on "anybody who has the nerve to disagree with you."

This is a serious charge, because it is one thing to listen in on suspected terrorists, and another to targetting [sic] a citizen who disagrees with the president.

Can Feingold name a single instance where the president has wiretapped a political opponent? A single name? What is the basis for his charge? Any evidence at all? Or is this the left-wing equivalent of Joe McCarthy saying he has a list of "known communists."
Source: Charlie Sykes Writes - MOONBAT OR McCARTHY?
Senator Feindgold, would that be like someone who digs up a political opponent's confidential credit information or is it more like a President who obtains an "...improper collection of some 900 Republican FBI files." Is that what you mean?

Can the Senator name any political opponent who has been wiretapped? Wow, it seems Senator Feindgold is following in the footsteps of another Wisconsin Senator–Joe McCarthy and his famous list.