Thursday, April 27, 2006

Terror Threats and Campaigns.

A little squabble has erupted between JB Van Hollen and Paul Bucher over JV Van Hollen's comments he knows there are terrorists out and about in Wisconsin and he intends to go after them.

The response in general has been to ask Mr. Van Hollen to tell us what he knows. Some people are comparing this to Russ Feindgold's statements about President Bush targeting his political opponents for survellance, which in turn has been compared to Joe McCarthy's list of communists.

Instead of complaining and whining about the terror statement, why doesn't the Bucher campaign instead talk about terrorism and what they plan to do about it? As James Wigderson (linked to above) points out, there is domestic grown terrorism about the state, and I would not be shocked if there were international type of terrorism.

I am still not committed to one candidate or the other but one campaign seems to be prone to whining at the smallest provocations and that, IMO, reflects poorly on that campaign and that candidate.