Monday, May 01, 2006

Bits and Bytes in Madison.

May 1, 2006. Did you go shopping today? I hope so! I didn't really need to buy anything today but did so just to say I didn't honor the call to protest or didn't seem like I was.

I am back in hotel land. Of the last seven nights only one has been in my bedroom. The rest in mostly a not so hot hotel and a couple in a stupendous hotel. This night the diggs are so-so.

Welcome Chris At Home to the Blogger Beer blogroll. Chris is another American living in Mindanao, yet more proof the situation there is not as bad as most believe it to be. There are spots but it is mostly live and let live.

I saw no signs of any immigration protest. However, I am on the southwest side of town far from the capital so there is no reason for protesters to be here where I am at.

I was thinking of the contrast between how Iraq attempted to thwart attack vs the way Iran is.

I tried Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat. It isn't similar to a traditional wheat beer but closer to Coor's Blue Moon beer. It is a beer with strong fruity aftertastes. I think one of those/session would be plenty enough.

I am happy with the Packer draft. They managed to spin their picks into a number more and that is what the Pack needs. Lets hope TT can pick 'em better than Ron Wolfe. Ron Wolfe seemed to specialize in finding players in the middle rounds but blew a few first round picks. I am confident our #1 will turn out every bit as good as the hype.

Hmmm. A colleague whom used to live in Appleton tells me there is more in Madison than in Appleton. I agree, there is vastly more traffic here than in Appleton. I had to go to the east side of town after work. I left at 5:00 and didn't get to the east side until 5:45. However, it probably took me 15 minutes when I turned around to head back to my room.