Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bits and Bytes in Sheboygan.

Greetings All,

I am in Sheboygan hanging out with friends. We found a hotspot in the hotel and one of my friends has left me with his laptop. The room we are in is real big and it is nice with a great view, I would like to see a nice storm over Lake Michigan but it is just going to drizzle on us.

Met with Kevin Binversie from Lakeshore Laments at a bar in town and watched some baseball and NFL draft action.

AJ Hawke is going to be a fine addition to the Packer's roster. I was hoping it was going to be him and it was.

The Blue Harbor is nice apparently Tiger Woods stayed in the suite we are in and so too did John Gard in the last GOP convention.

The Brewers spanked the Cubs 16-2 and I saw the start of the beating. Two homers in the first against former Brewer Glendon Rusch. Too bad they couldn't bank some of those runs for another day.

Other than that I have little to say. Time to get back to the room.