Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel vs. Iran

The escalation of the fighting in and around Israel is getting serious.

There is talk now that the captured Israeli soldiers are going to be sent to Iran. So, the mask comes off or as is it is popularly being described as the snake coming from under the rock.

In spite of the reports of centrifuge spoilage in Iran I (and others) suspect Iran may be much closer (like in actual possession) of a nuclear weapon (no reports of any tests detected, I am sure quite a few radiological sensors are trained on Iran right now) and trying to provoke Israel into providing an excuse to "field test" it.

A Fox News crew was shot at earlier today in Gaza City. David Miller and his crew were reporting on things in Gaza City when they mentioned and filmed an Israeli position and then shots were directed in their general direction.

I would guess this was a message to tell them to buzz off and stop gathering tactical intelligence of Hamas and Hezbollah. One lefty blog I visited that gave a straight reporting of the story had quite a few moonbatty comments. Their was plenty of wishing the soldiers would have shot straight (they did) and of course plenty of conspiracy offerings about how the Neocons are behind it all.

Hehehe, some white supremacist group came on and parroted what they were saying and they all took offense.