Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Wisconsin Driver.


The wife and I were away recently. We did extended Interstate miles and observations I had made about the drivers in WI and a neighboring state held true again. The neighboring state the drivers tend to stick very much to the speed limits. If the sign says 70 mph they will drive 70 mph even though the road and driving conditions are more than capable of handling of handling 100 mph+ traffic. However, these drivers are conscientious about staying in the right lane when not passing (which for them is about all the time).

OTOH, Wisconsin drivers are faster drivers. The limit says 65 expect a fair amount of traffic to be going 80+ (I keep it to about 10 mph over and we passed many more cars in the neighboring state and more cars passed us in Wisconsin). However, WI drivers have little respect for the left lane and will cruise in that lane when not passing. That bothers me, as this is one reason the Audubon despite its unlimited speeds is safer per mile driven than our interstates.

I put this observation on a WI oriented NG some years ago and I was shocked how many people fancied themselves the pace car and if they were driving the speed limit gosh-darnit that meant they were not slow traffic (after all you shouldn't be driving faster than the speed limit).

There it is.