Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Moon Arising.

Recently Adam Ghadan (another CAlifornia product) and Ayman Al Zawahiri essentially said convert to Islam or else.

Well unfortunately I am stuck in a hotel room with a Windoze (Gad, how do all of you windoze uzers get by?) laptop. I am unable to access my regular graphical tools to fashion a graphical answer to Mr.s Ghadan & Zawahiri. However, it involves a cresecent and a moon ;-) and would border on Human Resources Dangerous and certainly on the edge of family friendly as well. However, when I cobble that image together and post it, I will give plenty of warning.

Anyway the verbal answer to Ghadan & Zawahiri is kiss my....

BTW, I can not recall who it was but one blogger (was it someone on The Jawa Report) noted the left calls the Islamic Terrorists kin of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson et al. However this has the blogger wondering, if that were so, how come the language coming from the terrorists almost seems as if it is straight out of a Michael Moore script. That is the Islamic baddies seem much more at ease with our whacky left.