Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dr. Kagen's Alan Moment.

I reported to you sometime ago I met Dr. Kagen and his wife.

In our discussion I noted how in a senate race the two candidates were disputing who said what 30-40 years ago. Of course, the "Alan Moment" is George Alan throwing a word characterized as a racial epithet at one of Webb's campaign staff members.

I will not rehash what Dr. Kagen (See the BBA for more details. Another site to see is Michelle Malkin's) said but it is quite obvious D - R = license to use racial epithets without serious rebuke. Some may it is unfair but you know what, this is a fact of life. Leftists do not face the same consequences conservatives face when using a racial epithet. In fact, I would say this is natural like a chipmunk in air faces different consequences than a fish in air.