Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Coffee of Home

Is always the best coffee. I have had Starbucks (or as I have seen it labeled Charbucks) coffee, I get free coffee at work, I have had all sorts of uniquely flavored coffee (with two shots) from stores and other people's home.

However, the coffee of home is the best coffee of all. I am sitting in front of my workstation (and yes WCPE is supplying the music) a hot cup of coffee at my side. Soon, I will enter the best shower (mine) in the world and get ready for church.

It is good to wake up and see my lovely wife laying next to me. It is good to feel at ease knowing for all day long one is at (or at least around) home. It is good to laze around at home doing not much in particular (knowing I can switch off laze mode and get to doing something). It is good to know that tonight I will sleep in my own bed.

Tomorrow that changes. I will leave home and spend the week in a motel. I will laze around after work without the ability to do switch out of laze mode (Monday Night Football doesn't quite interest me). I will write a bit, I will mindlessly surf the 'Net. I will wake up alone in a bed slept in by countless strangers. I will suffer countless leftist bumper stickers.

Tomorrow I will drink the watery coffee (free of charge), I will miss the coffee of home.