Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meeting Dr. Kagen.

Last night I met Democrat candidate for Wisconsin's Eighth Congressional District. Dr. Steve Kagen, who is the personal friend of a friend of mine. First it was just hi and a handshake but later on my friend introduced me to his wife and he came up and we had a little discussion. He was definitely courting my vote and support.

Well, as you may know technically I hold a position on the board of my county GOP. So there was an interesting point of discussion. No big deal in fact Dr. Kagen pointed another person who is active in my county GOP is a supporter of his. Well I had to bite my tongue real hard because the widely held view by many in the party is that fellow is in the wrong party. Plus someone else pointed out to me candidate Kagen and this other fellow are longtime friends.

No, there is no changing of whom I support here. Politics is a team sport and while I found Dr. Kagen to be a decent man, he will be caucusing with Democrats and there is no way I can support anyone who will vote the likes of Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers into positions of more power.

This is where the idea of voting for the best candidate falls on its face. I do not go to the Packer game and cheer for Brett Farve and then cheer for Brian Urlacher (a Bear) because I support the best players on the field. No, I cheer for the Packers because that is my team.

Similarly for politics. I do not support the best player on the field at a given time I identify which team most closely matches my views & beliefs and support them. The GOP most closely supports my views and beliefs.