Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Week in front of the Computer is Followed by...

a weekend in front of the computer. If it wasn't bookwork, it was blogging and keeping up to speed on the blogs or programming.

The webhost I use for the websites I run is real dodgey of late. While I went out on the web and found a number of website monitoring websites if you wanted something more than one website and once per hour monitoring and multiple alerts you had to pay for it.

So today I set out and started working on my own web-monitor system. I have a basic PERL script setup so it can read a webpage and pick off a text phrase in the page. While it is doing this it tries to take measure of the response time. However, the timer I am currently using does not have sufficient resolution so I did a little digging and found another approach (that will have to await).

Hehehe, got home from church and ran my little monitor system and it found my websites....down!

At least I got caught up on my bookwork. Still more to do but its moving along.

Tomorrow back on the road.