Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Don't Want to go to Bed!

One of the treats of being home (aside from basking the warm sunshine of the love of my dear Empress) is working on my computer here at home. You see, I have a very wonderful radio station bookmarked in my media player's list.

WCPE is a streaming radio station that plays classical music 24 hours a day... Another cliche I detest! However, they play classical music all day long. No NPR news no leftist bilge just occasional begging, messages on behalf of their supporters, and the occasional emergency alert. Tonight I heard and amber alert and I have heard sever weather alerts as well. However, that aside right now they are playing some Handel with a chorus, how sweet it is.

Now, some of you may say. Big deal? What's is so "sweet" about listening to classical music over the internet? Well, I suppose many are thinking they would rather listen to Upchuck Kitties or Led Zeppelin or Travis in the Saddle or whatever. And some of you may say what is so spetacular about listening to music over the internet.

I can not do it at work nor can I do it from my hotel room. However, as I write this to you sublime music is bathing my senses. Music that makes me feel as if Heaven has come down to me, music that was originally written over 200 years ago. Do you think Ozzy Osborne will still have a following 200 years from now? I don't think even the Beatles will be much more than a museum curiosity then, however I wager Handel's Messiah will still echo through concert halls the world over during Christmas season, even if those in the first church of secularism are able to wipe out traditional Christian holidays.

Hehe as it was in the Middle Ages it may be in the later ages. The only way people will learn of Christianity and its stories may be through song.