Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blogging Is Not A Trivial Task

Don't think it is. However, since you are reading this blog I assume you are a fairly hardcore blog reader and most likely a blogger yourself. The stereotype the MSM promulgates is we are a bunch of partisan know-nothings following orders or just plain know nothings.

To write well thought, written, and reasoned blogs takes time and energy. Sometimes a blog will flow out like fine olive oil from a jar, sometimes the words come out like catsup. The problem is, catsup flow is more common than oil.

Even when the blogs comes out smoothly often times the blog needs off topic explanations so then one has to go and hunt for appropriate links. Google does a real good job and makes that task easier but still you have to review the material to make sure it is accurate and is understandable. It also helps to have links that appear to be somewhat permanent.

I would guess at least 1/3 of the blogs I sit down and start to write never make it out. I have an idea and by the time I get to my keyboard the idea is forgotten or the fire is out. Sometimes, I do not really know myself what to think about a given blog and how can you write about it then? Sometimes internal debates comes out in a blog but that is rare for myself.