Monday, January 15, 2007

The Charlie Story.

Last night I wrote a spoof news story on Charlie The Tuna's happiness with the exemption given to the tuna industry on minimum wage.

In reality, Chicken of the Sea also benefits from the deal. I needed a loser in the story and I could not resist using Chicken of the Sea.

However, one fellow dropped a comment in response. He griped about how the GOP, his congressman in particular is no better. Uhhhh, that wasn't the point.

The point was to question why American Somoa is exempt from the legislation when no one else is, not even the Northern Mariana Islands. StarKist & DelMonte of course say it would unduly burden the industry. Well, of course it would I don't dispute that. But why is it that argument never works elsewhere or for other industries?

I do not suspect any corrupt deal here but of course asked to support my lack of suspicion I couldn't. I could only state that despite my differences with Nancy Pelosi I have no reason to suspect she is corrupt.

I suspect it comes down the fundamental definition of special & vital interests and the fact that DelMonte is Nancy's vital interest. My interests are vital and all others are special.

1/16/2007: some minor edits to improve the clarity of my meaning.

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