Sunday, January 14, 2007

Charlie Datoona Thanks Nancy.

UNS - 1/4/2007 San Francisco
Charlie Datoona Thanks Nancy Pelosi
In a public statement Charlie Datoona thanked Nancy Pelosi for the help she provided StarKist tuna.
I want to thank Nancy Pelosi for this San Francisco treat! Without the minimum wage exemption I might never get to be a StarKist tuna, now at least I have a chance. My friends are eager to join the StarKist team and now StarKist will be able to employ more people it is more likely to happen.

Charlie Datoona's arch rival in the tuna industry the Chicken of the Sea mermaid had the following statement:
This stinks to no end. Now, I will have to lay off workers, reconsider our future expansion plans, and pass on labor cost increases to our customers. This gives Charlie Datoona an unfair market advantage. It's like it was Charlie himself writing the legislation. No wonder they were in such a hurry to get this bill passed. I-I-I could just cry!

Mack E. Ral an industry analyst notes there are no reasonable suspicions of legislative malfeasance or impropriety here, but it does seem a constituent of the Speaker of the House has gained an inexplicable favor. Mack goes onto say I do not blame anyone for thinking otherwise [that there is no legislative favoritism]. Mr. Ral expressed hope the bill would be fixed to either remove the exemption or the whole bill would just go away.

We will see, we will see.

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