Friday, February 16, 2007


Quick thoughts on Drudge Report Items.

Imperial Murtha

Murtha thinks he can stop the surge by legislating terms on troop deployment and readiness levels. That is unconstitutional and if his proposal does somehow make it into law then I hope the President ignores it.

You had better think hard about that. This will hamstring a Democratic president sooner or later.

AlG (say it algae) Initiates Release of warming gasses

No, not algae as in the plant but as in a former vice president. AlG is producing a series of concerts around the globe to promote awareness of global warming. Hmmm, seems to me we will be seeing plenty of stories about the environmentally concerned glitterati jetting about in their private Gulfstreams to produce and attend these concerts. Its not about the environment its about keeping the serfs in their place.

The Model Being Wrong is a Sign of Global Warming

This story notes how many models used to incite global warming hysteria are not accurately predicting the temperatures in Antarctica. How long on till someone claims the fact the models are wrong just proves how the claims are correct?


any idea who this loser is?