Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I couldn't resist many interesting Drudge stories I can make quick comment on.

Iran Defaults on Russian Debt


The World's Smallest Violin

David Hicks the Jihadi from Down Under whines about ill treatment at Gitmo. Of course, the left will pounce on this screaming aha! I yawn and write it off to the play found in the Jihadi Playbook about what to do when captured.

Of course, I do not believe he was always treated to coffee service at 3:00pm daily but working with an organization aiming to bring down world players does have its hazards, no?


The Hillary video. Wow! The left is really working hard to tear itself apart. Yeah the video is effective it really leaves an impression on a person. In fact, an image of the Hillary video (of Hillary on the screen) that was on The Drudge Report reminded me of a ferengi.

Do not worry Hillary fans she will strike back and strike back hard.

Muzzled vs. Unmuzzled

Do you grow tired of the whine about how the science is being muzzled by The Bush Administration? I do, of course it is usually the loud an obnoxious that claim they are being muzzled. Well, a NASA employee whined about how the Administration muzzled him. Well it turns out the fellow did 1,400 interviews on the job.
A NASA scientist who said the Bush administration muzzled him because of his belief in global warming yesterday acknowledged to Congress that he'd done more than 1,400 on-the-job interviews in recent years.
Source: The Washington Times – Climate scientist sees cover-up
Compare this to:
THE former editor-in-chief of a Chinese Website has been given a six-year prison term for subversion, the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court in east China's Zhejiang Province said.

The court ruled yesterday that Zhang Jianhong, former editor-in-chief of a Website named "Aiqinhai," or "Aegean Sea," had written articles which defamed the Chinese government and amounted to agitation aimed at toppling the government.
Source: The Shanghai Daily – Web editor jailed for subversion
Do you not love it? Unnamed NASA scientist your pettiness besmirches those who do truly suffer for their speech.

That's It!

Roseanne Barr takes meditation classes and all is well. She begins meditating and now she is smarter and calmer. Hah, I bet smug is more like it.

Malaria Fighting Mosquitos

What kills more people than anything? More than war, more than any ferocious tiger or lion? The lowly mosquito with the malaria they carry. Researchers have developed a malaria resistant mosquito that appears to do a better job of surviving than malarial mosquitoes.

Of course, I expect the environmentalists and luddites to cry in fear about this development.


Britebart reports 1/3 of all peeple in Washinton DC r illitterit.

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