Friday, March 09, 2007

Walled In

Have been a bit down of late. Nothing too much or too bad, I'll overcome.

However, flipping through the channels tonight I came upon VH1C broadcasting Pink Floyd's The Wall. I thought oh great just what I need now. However, I was unable to tear myself away and I even sat patiently through the commercials. In the Wikipedia link David Gilmour is quoted as saying:
And my view of what The Wall itself is about is more jaundiced today than it was then. It appears now to be a catalogue of people Roger blames for his own failings in life, a list of 'you f..... me up this way, you f..... me up that way'.
Source: Wikipedia – The Wall

The movie is dark – dark – dark. Dave's observation is spot on and watching the movie even as a college student I picked up on that, it comes across even more plainly now.

When I was in college I watched the movie quite a bit and did not quite get it. It has been years since I have seen it or heard many of the songs and part of the downer about it was harkening back to my lost younger days. However, I grew out of The Wall before I left college and recall a friend at a party who had wanted to play the tape (much as I would push for a few years previous), I'ld roll my eyes and withhold comment.

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