Friday, April 20, 2007

Alec Baldwins Casino Like Meltdown

I am talking about the Casino with Robert DeNiro, Joe Peschi, Sharon Stone, et al.

In it, Sharon's character is off somewhere with her deadbeat pimp gigolo and her daughter who appears to be about 10 years or so. In it the daughter recognizes the quality of her mother's boyfriend and lips off to him. The reaction of Mr. Gigolo is interesting. He tries to threaten her but never carries out the threats and in doing so elevates her to his level or probably closer to the truth is he reveals his level of character & maturity.

So too with the Alec Baldwin meltdown. Alec Baldwin has quite obviously handed the power to humiliate himself to his eleven year old daughter. He further confirmed to her, her attacks are working. Much more helpful would be to talk to his ex-wife Kim Bassinger but of course, the daughter may very well have picked up her dislike for Alec from her mother.

In a way, this is the sort of thing I hate the most about our media culture, but I confess I am experiencing some schadenfreude.