Monday, April 16, 2007

A Very Big Bear Not The Biggest Bear

This last weekend my cousin let me read and e-mail about the picture of this bear and hunter.

The e-mail said the guy was out deer hunting when this bear charged him. He then unloaded his 7 mm into the charging bear to have it collapse right in front of him. He then reloaded and pumped more rounds into the bear's head. The bear is reported as being 14' tall & 1,600 or so pounds. In addition, the story has an autopsy of the bear as revealing the remains of two people inside its gut.

Well, Snopes has the truth and nothing but the truth on the bear. It is not completely out to lunch, but it is late.

First off, Dude was out hunting deer but also had a bear permit. Him and his buddy came upon scene they knew would likely attract bear and indeed found the bear in that location. They set up in what they thought would be a good location and the bear took a different path and popped into the clear close in front of them. Dude then let go with his .338 Winchester Magnum and dropped the bear. They shot it a number of times of course one would not want to take chances.

The bear while big was no world-record, it weighed in at an estimated 1,000-1,200 pounds and 10'6". In addition (or should I say "In subtraction") no human remains were found in the bear.