Monday, April 16, 2007


Manny Pacquiao the super feather-weight boxer from the Philippines is stepping into another ring the Filipino political ring!

Manny Pacquiao is becoming a national Filipino sensation after beating Eric Morales and then just the other day (last SA April 14) KOing Jorge Silas (Jorge's first defeat).

FWIW (Kano ako, kasi), here is my take on the situation. Politicians are exploiting Mr. Pacquiao to bolster their careers. While I respect Mr. Pacquiao's talents and the fact he has what it takes to rise to the top ranks of international boxing I am concerned about his ability to distinguish loyal & capable advisers as opposed to opportunistic & corrupt advisers. I am concerned about his ability to play the games that go on in politics at the level he has chosen to enter the game. Mr. Pacquiao brings a lot of star power to the voters much like Erap did. What is good is Mr. Pacquiao unlike Erap is starting at the bottom, but I feel he should start at an even lower level.

There was one boxer who had an adviser and promoter. That boxer was at the top of international boxing in just about every way one can be. He made millions of dollars and now that guy is in hoc to the IRS and essentially penniless. That boxer is Mike Tyson and the promoter is Don King. I will not say what I believe here but read this story involving Don King (skim the material and search for "Don King" in the web-page). I am afraid a well intentioned man may be used by clever and conniving politicians.

Of course, holding elected office is open to all citizens. However, I do not believe it is a thing to be entered in lightly. At least, Mr. Pacquaio is starting closer to the bottom than Erap. I would suggest he run for city or provincial office first and start going up from there. If he is capable of dealing with office and resisting its many siren songs the voters will see that. He will also learn much better the games that go on and how to play them best to win for his constituents and avoid the traps.

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