Friday, April 20, 2007

Up The River You Go!

I noticed a number of googlers landing here searching for Michael Ray Aquino. In order to catch up with the case see for a collection of my writings on this case (and a few other blogs). A quick summary is Michael Ray Aquino & a certain Leandro Aragoncillo were arrested and charged with espionage. Mr. Aragoncillo was handing off classified material he had access to, to Mr. Aquino. Mr. Aquinio then passed it on to his bosses in Manila who are concerned with toppling the government of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA).

Both of the accused in this case have plead guilty after initial resistance to the charges. Apparently, Mr. Aquino's & Mr. Aragoncillo's sentencing date is coming up and despite the pleas the prosecutors are seeking maximum jail terms.

In addition, their laywers are working every angle they can.
The lawyer for Michael Ray Aquino threatened to "rake [Leandro Aragoncillo] and the government over the coals" by calling Vice President Dick Cheney and former Vice President Al Gore and other government officials to testify regarding Aragoncillo "and his activities during the relevant time period."
Source: Asian Journal Online – Lawyer Threatens to Call US VP Cheney, Gore to Testify in 'Pinoy Spy' Case
Good luck. I have a hard time imagining either of the two VPs are in any position to testify anything about Aragoncillo.

It isn't just the two former VPs who face threats from Aquino's attorney, but Aragoncillo as well. The prosecution sees the request as a delaying tactic and I have to concur (see comments above).

Seems Aquino has a good attorney. Wonder where he is getting the money from? I suppose that is coming from his bosses. Where do his bosses get the money from? Hehehe, I have an idea, but would like to hear yours.

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