Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Clever Coptix

What is sure to be a marketing case study a web development & hosting firm from Chattanooga punked the left wing blogosphere.

Coptix employees found a photo of Karl Rove on a local blog and asked permission from the blog owner to alter the photo and placed the photo back on the original website. Then, they started planing comments on blogs here & there. Eventually, a lefty blogger with an extremely vivid imagination made a whole set of conspiratorial connections Corrente started the moonbat swarm with this fevered, tinfoil-hatted dot-connecting....

Michelle (whom I link to just above) Malkin then notes how the entire lefty blogosphere is going nuts with this. Of course, they were never fooled by it, they were playing along with the joke all along. HAH!

Coptix put a photo of a couple of sleestax (an malevolent creature from the TV Show Land of the Lost) into the TV in the picture to add to the joke and to give the observant a clue as to the nature of the photograph. I did some googling on sleestax on Google's web search and then again on Google's image search. and wouldn't you know it, the king of the lefty bloggers shows up a lot in the searches, it appears he likens the President to a sleestack (I don't know what the singular is, I assume you have many sleestax and one sleestack).

Hmmm, great lesson.

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