Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Crazy Beer?

Ah the namesake topic comes up.

Leinenkugel's Beer is introducing a new beer shortly. It is not detailed on the official Leinie website but Kevin at Lakeshore Laments notices:
Summer Shandy is a variation on a European beer recipe that is popular in England and Germany, said Richard Leinenkugel, vice president of sales and market.

The shandygaff is a mixture of beer and lemon-lime soda. Another variety of the shandy is the German radler, a mix of beer and lemonade.

The new Leinenkugel brand, however, should not be confused with the Mike's Hard Lemonade or other malt-based alcoholic lemonades.

Summer Shandy "tastes like beer with lemonade," Leinenkugel said. "It's a little bit more tart than it is sweet."

In 1998, when Leinenkugel Brewing launched its Hefeweizen seasonal brand, the company encouraged bartenders to offer it mixed with lemonade during the summer, Leinenkugel said. The idea was to create a refreshing beverage for those hot days - the same marketing impetus behind the new brand.
Source: JSOnline – New beer has lemon twist Leinenkugel rolls out summer brew
I am eagerly awaiting to try this beer out. Now, Kevin & Jib are not to keen, Kevin says: Both Pepsi and Coke got burned on lemon-flavoring their soft drinks, the same may happen here with beer.

People want to taste beer with their beer, not lemons. But I’m just one guy, maybe I’m wrong.
Obviously this is a summer beer. Now, before you poo-poo this idea listen to me.

Once in college my friends and myself all got together for some pounding. I do not recall whose idea it was but someone suggested of drinking just beer we instead quaff sip and go nakeds. A combination of beer, lemonade, and vodka (and I do not recall pouring in Sprite or 7Up, but the linked recipe suggests just that). It was absolutely good and that appears what Leinenkugels is trying to do (absent the vodka, but that is simple enough to fix).

I am not keen on the Sunset Wheat beer similarly I am not keen on Blue Moon or any other such beer (berry-weiss too), but I reserve judgment on Summer Shandy. Of course, there is no substitute for a good cold pilzen or a classic weiss (not berry weiss but a true weiss beer such as Summit's Heffeweizen) beer.