Friday, March 23, 2007

My Sunshine is in the Air

The Empress should be in the air by now or at least taxing to make the leap.

The airport was not all that bad. We immediately went to the check in desk the passengers got their boarding passes and the TSA was actually pleasant at least at baggage screening. The Empress and her niece went through gate security without a hitch and I heard from them about 15 minutes ago and they were seated and waiting to taxi and take off.

I can always keep myself occupied and busy so the time will fly by but it will seem very odd at home without my sunshine, and the Empress is my sunshine. Her positive, cheering, and loving attitude to life can make the glumest situation pleasant.

When my grandmother was still alive she was in the hospital fighting pneumonia and The Empress and I went to visit. My mother & brother were there as well and it was very grey when we walked in. The Empress tough, turned the grey into sunshine. It was remarkable how the mood in the room changed.

Oh well, something so precious has to be shared.

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