Monday, March 26, 2007

I Hope His Superiors Disciplined Him!

Who? The soldier in this photo next to Hillary Clinton.

It causes me pain to say this, as I detest Hillary Clinton the politician, but Hillary deserves respect from the troops as it is been widely held for a long time she was seeking the office of the Presidency. From my last visit at Intrade it seems the markets point to a Democrat in the Whitehouse in '08 and Hillary's contract is the pricey one in that market. That is, (of course it is early and Hillary's bid/ask is about $24.10/$26 #2 is Giuliani at $19.50/$21.00) people are betting on Hillary to win.

Anyway the point is it does the military no good to disrespect the Democrats candidates as it causes the Democrats to come to not trust the military and isn't it bad enough? I know, I know. Hillary Clinton has probably said things about the military and supported causes that are anti-military and anti-mission but that does not excuse it.

It is also poor discipline. I wrote about this sometime ago.

Also, don't think Republican candidates/administrations are immune, they just have to deal with rebellious military leaders higher up the chain of command.

I may detest Hillary, John Edwards, Barak Obama et al but the Constitution subordinates the military to the civilian. Uphold & defend our Constitution soldier!