Friday, April 13, 2007

I Do Not Miss Imus

Imus is an idiot and I listened to his talk show some years ago and from the very first I wondered what it was about him compelling people to listen to his drek.

Imus is no free-speech martyr. Don Imus is a naughty-naughty boy!

In all seriousness now. Don Imus is no free-speech martyr he is a victim of his own idiocy and it did not even take someone baiting him into it, unlike Michael Savage on Savage's former TV show. Don Imus was freely employed by CBS & MSNBC and he freely accepted employment as well. Don Imus had his attack of oral diarrhea and this cost CBS & MSNBC advertising dollars, what are they going to do?

Now, if Don Imus came under fire of some government czar and they all buckled to the pressure of the government I would hail him as a free-speech martyr. However, it was private action (no matter how orchestrated by Jackson, Sharpton, & Brock) that took Imus down.

Is it hypocritical music companies make money (CBS has a music division I do believe so this counts at least double for CBS) off the same language Imus gets fired for? Of course it is but guess what?

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