Saturday, April 07, 2007

What A Play!

Iran just made. It captured some British sailors accused them of entering Iranian territory (despite not being able to offer a straight story on where they were really captured), stand off the UK, and then release them, get what they were really looking for (come on you think they wanted an apology from the UK?), and then prance around acting like they are so magnanimous, kind, and great.

This play, in a slightly different form has been played before. In 2000 the band of bandits known as Abu Sayyaf kidnapped some Europeans vacationing in Malaysia. Well, in comes Libya and negotiates with Abu Sayyaf and the Europeans are released. How convenient.

Qadaffy sends major amounts of money to terrorist Abu Sayyaf and comes off looking like a good guy. So, what does Abu Sayyaf do? A week or so later Abu Sayyaf kidnaps some more people. Of course, it is a profitable business. Profit for bribery and weapons.

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