Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something About Networking

Re-reading the blog Michelle Malkin's website its incredible about their dot connecting power. I wonder what dots they would have connected if they read the famous August 6th PDB? I hope I get inspiration, I'll write it up as a spoof piece.

Anyway, much of the nutter commentary shows a basic, if incomplete, understanding of the Internet and how it works. A phsical connection (whether via wireless channels, fiber, or twisted pair) has to be established with the mail server, those channels unless backed up by physical security and strong encryption are subject to intercept. It is not that hard to do and it is not that hard to monitor such traffic.

That is, Karl using his laptop to connect to his fantastic Coptix e-mail server must utilize the bandwidth of the Whitehouse to get at it. I am very certain via speculation the NSA (or similar executive office) monitors all bits, nybbles, bytes, halfwords, words, and doublewords going in and out of the Whitehouse.

Of course, he may leave the Whitehouse and pop into the local Charbucks and utilize their wireless network. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Admit it you were punked. I'll admit to a punking I fell for. I posted commentary on another blog about the Belgium barbecue tax. Coptix was clever, they knew they were part of a pond the left was dipping its toes into and that picture made the left jump right in. Just the same, I am never amazed by the ambtion of Eurocrats to want to control and regulate the life the people so when I saw the barbecue story I fell for it.

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