Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stupid Windoze Trick.


I am working on a process running in PERL on a Windows server. PERL has a wonderful & very powerful way of matching patterns and it is amazing what can be done with regular expressions. However, one script I was looking used something like this:


I looked at that and it drove me crazy! I went on the server the script runs on and looked for a script entitled foo~1. Couldn't find it.

Also a folder was referred to as: $ThisFolder = c:\p1\p2\foo~1

Again, no bar~1 in the expected place. Well on a hunch I put "c:\p1\p2\foo~1" into a address bar of an open explorer and what happens? It opens up: c:\p1\p2\foobar.

Okay, unfortunately the way the program does it all this made me perform some last minute scrambling.

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