Monday, May 07, 2007


It is approaching summer driving, boating, 4x4ing, motorcycling, chainsawing, season. What other season is it? Gouging, gouging and gouging demagoguery season.

It is also the season we hear idiot politicians scream for investigations on the oil and gas companies for engaging in profitable business.

I do not like high gas prices any more than anyone else, but access to gas is not a right it is something we have to earn. Of course the politicians who are the first to scream about gas prices being too high are often those who scream wages are too low and uses the force of law (which sooner or later comes from a gun) to force the wages higher.

High gas prices do a couple of things. Mainly, it discourages the frivolous use of a scarce resource. Frivolous use such as joyriding, perhaps 4x4ing, perhaps boating, the purchase of gas hog vehicles (without a serious need), etc. This benefits the environment, you remember Demagouger – the environment? It can be protected without your intervention. New sources of energy need to be explored and considered, it can be done without Demagougic intervention.

It is widely known this is a busy year for traveling and vacations. People going to the lake. What do they do at the lake? How far is it to the lake?

No, do not punish the oil companies for making a profit, even a healthy profit. What is your goal in your professional life? To give your work for the least possible wage or salary? When you sell a house, what is your goal? To see for how little you can sell your house? Think about what you do in your life and apply that to others, even when it goes against your interest.

Oh yeah, one last thing. If you do not like paying a lot for gas, then use less of it.

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