Thursday, April 26, 2007

Barb Tadych's Explosion

Barb Tadych the mother of Brendan Dassey had a royal conniption fit outside of the Manitowoc County courthouse after the Dane County jury convicted Brendan.

We need to look at both sides here. Her son was just convicted of crimes that will take him away for the rest of her life and most (if not all) of his life as well. Do we need reporters asking her how she feels? It seems like some Saturday Night Live skit. After all, they do say the most dangerous animals are often mothers defending their offspring.

Of course, the members of the media all need their soundbites. They do not draw viewers, listeners, readers for just ............. After all, no news is good news so turn it around to say good news is no news.

However, a few things now. One she did not have to lash out at the Halbach family. Teresa is lost and gone forever at least you can visit and talk with your son. You need not have done that, you did your case no good and called with a pair of fours. It seems you and the rest of your family sacrificed Brendan for Steve and lost both. Bad, bad, – bad decision. You could have had Brendan for Steve but chose Steve.

The defense tied its case to the stupidity, gullibility, and lead-ability of Brendan Dassey. They say he said what they were trying to get him to say in order to save his skin or because he wanted to please others. So, why not BS all day about Steve? Reports have it Brendan was offered plea deals to testify against Steve but did not.

Again going back to the phone conversation there was one thing Brendan feared greatly and that was Steve. If Brendan & Steve get assigned to the same facility, I bet Steve will kill Brendan.

Bad, bad, – bad choice.

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