Sunday, May 06, 2007

Milwaukee Media

As you all know I live in Wisconsin's Fox Valley about an hour and one half drive from Milwaukee. I listen to WTMJ when I am not listening to Rush, music, or local news. Often times I have it on when driving to/from Madison and to listen to Brewer games in the car (I detest the talkers on the local station and listen to WHBY only for weather & news). Sometimes it is WTAQ I listen to.

However, recently the mother of WTMJ's #1 talk show host passed away in a fire. Most civil people express regret and condolences when such events happen, even to those they politically oppose. However, the McGees of Milwaukee did the opposite. It was a vicious comment having no place in civilized society.

Now, you can find the McGee comments yourself the Milwaukee bloggers have done a great job of getting this story out and Michelle Malkin is watching this story too.

My take is on the media take. Quite silent, in fact very silent. My parents live in the Lakeshore area (roughly defined as the first set of counties adjacent to Lake Michigan running from Sheboygan to Kewaunee county) and listen to & watch Milwaukee media. Go to my folks house and most radios are playing WTMJ 24x7 (unless a nut like myself changes it) they do not watch the Green Bay stations but the Milwaukee stations instead. When I mentioned to my mother the McGee commentary she was utterly clueless about it.

I would say the only stations with an excuse would be WTMJ (radio & their TV) out of respect for the Sykes family. But the other stations did not. What a shame. The story is now getting a bit of recognition.