Saturday, May 05, 2007


Picked this up on Drudge:
Former President
Bill Clinton said Friday that disasters such as worldwide famine and an obesity epidemic could destroy the U.S. health care system unless politicians begin to look ahead and cooperate.

Clinton, speaking at a forum sponsored by Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, said governments fail to act even when disasters are anticipated because leaders are distracted by fulfilling campaign promises and scrambling to respond to immediate emergencies. Big-picture planning gets "crowded out," he said.
Source: Yahoo News – Bill Clinton warns of looming disasters (JESSE HARLAN ALDERMAN, Associated Press Writer)
What a duh-ism this statement is.

Jonah Goldberg frequently likens life to boulder dodging. You have a series of boulders rolling down at you. Some boulders bound well away from you before they get close and other boulders do not veer away from you. What happens? Is you are most intently focused on the boulder about to roll over you, never mind avoiding the closed boulder puts you in the path of the next closest boulder, you survive. The effort of avoiding the close boulders means you have less effort to spend on planning and preparing for the boulders farther up the hill.

Hunger was always one of those boulders and in most places is still a major concern. Well, dodging the hunger boulder puts people in front of another boulder.

Tell us something else stunningly obvious.

The rest of report is nothing but Democratic Powerpoint bullets.

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