Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Criminals and Feeling Sad

Charlie Sykes is taking calls on the Dassey trial. One caller stated he felt sad for Brendan Dassey and Charlie did not much care for that. He said we should feel sad for Teresa.

Count me in the group that feels bad for all involved in the case. However, do not give me keys to the jailhouse and expect I will set Dassey & Avery free. They deserve what they are getting. I feel sad they chose to murder an innocent woman. I feel sad they felt they could get away with it. I feel sad a kid (Dassey) who at least had a chance of bumbling through an inconsequential life is soon to be shipped to Dodge Correctional Institute.

No, to feel sad for someone is not to excuse them or to give them freedom from the consequences of their actions:
I left feeling sorry for the whole affair that started with the condemned kidnapping, robbing and murdering some number of people. Given a knife and permission to cut the condemned free from the deathly bonds, I would have dashed the knife into the brown desert sand.
Source: Blogger Beer – Marcus in Arabia: The Execution.

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