Thursday, April 26, 2007

State of Denial

Brendan Dassey is a convicted criminal. The confession, the conversation with dear old Mom, and the I don't knows buried Brendan good.

However, some think otherwise:
It didn’t take long. Brendan Dassey was guilty on all complaints. On 25 April, 2007 after only a couple hours deliberation, the jury announced a decision. Apparently, this jury bought into the confession mythology. It is ironic that the Steven Avery jury had real physical evidence and spent substantially more time deliberating.

Also, ironic is that charges against Avery that resulted from the Dassey confession were dropped.
Source: Convoluted Brian – Dassey Trial - The Verdict
Now, Mr. Convoluted is in a state of denial over all of this.

Brendan Dassey confessed and certain statements he made led to the discovery of evidence. That is a significant problem the defense had. How could they have overcome it? I don't know. The conversation Brendan and his mother had however sealed the deal (if it was not significantly closed prior to that). Brendan is not being led, Brendan and his Mom are not talking to a crowd they want to please. How is Brendan trying to please his mother by admitting to what happened?

The Steven Avery jury most likely spent the majority of time on one charge and that charge was the one he was acquitted on.

While I am skeptical of portions of the confession I am not skeptical of it all. IIRC they did not find certain bits of evidence it seems would be present. Either that, or the crime shows on TV featuring (I am not talking CSI I am talking Discovery Channel type shows with actual cases) the forensic experts tying the criminal to the crime by a stray hair are more luck than method.

The only possibility Brendan has of getting away with murder is by going after his representation which was atrocious. Why let him on the stand? Where were you Mr. Kachinsky when he was spilling his guts (for a minute never mind he spilled someone else's guts)? However, in this case I have a hard time believing inadequate representation is going to do it for him.

I am quite convinced of the fact that Dassey and Avery formed a diabolic duo.

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