Sunday, May 20, 2007

It was Our Policies & Their Hate of Freedom & LIberty

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I have been commenting quite a bit on the idea on how it was our policies that brought on 9/11. It was the Rudy-Ron exchange that brought this on and many people do not seem to understand just because it was our policies that may have had a contributing factor does not automatically mean those policies are wrong.

It WAS Due to Our Policies

I have already laid the rough framework to support the idea our policies had something to do with causing the terrorists to lash out. To say it was not our policies is just as silly as it is to say our freedom & liberty did not have anything to with the attacks.

Remember acknowledging our policies led to the attack does not mean our policies were bad. Evil people detest good & just policies.

Surely, our Liberty & Freedom Had Something to Do With It?

Many people promptly retort it was the Islamo-terrorist's hate of our freedom and liberties that caused them to attack our nation (which they have been doing regularly for sometime now).

It seems many take it to be binary choice here. It was all due to our policies or it was all due to our liberty & freedom. No thought is made on the fact our concepts of freedom & liberty are tied to our policies. They are tied into our policies and I firmly believe the future of mankind lays in liberty not in oppression.

A Gedanken (thought) Experiment

Think about this. If instead of promoting freedom and liberty we were pushing Eighth century Sharia & Islamic law do you think Osama Bin Laden, Zawahiri, et. al. would be in opposition to us? Do you believe 9/11 would have happened if the USA instead of working to promote liberty were instead pushing strict Sharia on Iraq & Kuwait? Yeah go ahead and laugh, the answer is obvious, they do not mind interference they only mind interference designed to thwart their aims and goals.

The Writings, Preachings, and Teachings of Osama Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden at least up to a couple of years ago was not shy about openly and loudly proclaiming his aims. What are his aims? To restore Islam to its former glory as a world domineering empire. Why whine about Al-Andalusia? Al-Andalusia has been lost to Islamic Empire since 1492. Who stands in the way of that? Not France, not Germany, not Spain (as much as these nations were stalwart against Islamic encroachment in days past), but the United States. In fact, the European nations seem to be having a hard time hearing the miners despite the miners obvious and loud presence in their nation.

The Crooked Timber that Man is: Fit only for the Planer?

Sometime ago Dinesh D'Souza came & spoke in Appleton. One of the things he talked about was the idea of virtue and how society works to make sure we are all virtuous. There is a distinct difference in how virtue is encouraged and it means only those living a liberated society can be truly virtuous.

Islamic thinking sees the crooked timber that man is and concludes the only way man can be virtuous is to enforce it very rigorously. In fact, the brand of Islam we are engaging in war takes the idea to an extreme and essentially says man (and yes by man please include woman) is completely irredeemable only by strict enforcement of the Sharia does society become tolerable for all.

Freedom and Liberty

Only the free can be truly virtuous. Coerced virtue is nothing but a shaken can of beer waiting to explode as soon as the top is removed. Many of us have seen people from repressive societies coming to the US or the West and engage in lecherous activities. That is as soon as they get to the west they seem to think freedom and liberty is only good for – going to the strip club.

However, those used to living in a free & liberated society understand the need for self-control & self-discipline.

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