Monday, May 21, 2007

Searching for Bill LeMay

With the immigration bill in the news I am getting a lot of visits from North Carolinians looking for formerly of WTAQ Bill LeMay. I would guess he is all worked up about the immigration bill.

I did a little googling and found he is indeed in Raleigh NC (hehehe, I listen to WCPE a radio station Raleigh residents would be familiar with) and that Blogger Beer ranks #1 in Google searches for Bill LeMay. Wow!

Anyway North Carolinian Bill LeMay listener, if you ever call him I would like you to tell him two things. One Vince Biskupic is a good man, and John Maloney is not, then I advise you to pull the phone receiver away from your ear!

Its funny how referrals can alert you to something that is happening somewhere. I have had this happen with the Aragoncillo & Aquino spy case. When I start seeing a lot of Google referrals landing on Blogger Beer where the referral results from a search for Aragoncillo & Aquino I know to start looking into the news on that case.