Monday, May 21, 2007

Commentary on Blogger Beer.

There is no right to comment on another's blog. Bloggers let others comment on their blogs for many reasons.

Most of the blogs/websites I run (and I run multiple) I retain tight control over the commentary. I do so to protect myself against liability from slander or libel lawsuits, and to prevent spam abuse. A secondary concern is to keep the tone reasonable and levelheaded.

I do not like all out flamefests and rarely does anything good come out of a flamefest. This does not mean I will not defend my positions or join in rough and tumble discussions of matters, but lets keep it at or above a certain level.

From the best of my recollection (and this blog is getting close to three years old) I have never deleted a comment critical of me or one of my beliefs that was reasonably put. That is, did not slander anyone else, did not contain profanity, and so on. Seems to me I have deleted one comment wildly off topic as well. If you want to spend the time you will find comments quite critical of me or a stand of mine.

I have deleted spammy coments and I would not be surprised if I have deleted a profanity laced comment or two.

This applies to trackbacks as well. I know I have deleted a number of trackbacks that were spam but other than that I have not deleted a trackback (to the best of my knowledge).

I need to be careful here. I do not want to go PC or any such thing, but some of the commentary here of late is starting to cross a line I do not want crossed.

A few guidelines.
Our countrymen on the left are misguided and are not the enemy (and lefty please feel quite free to substitute right for left if you want). Call them opponents if you will, but do not confuse them with the enemy. The boy who cried wolf applies here. There are groups worthy of being deemed the enemy and save your powder for them.

To sum up: Do not declare war against our political opponents on Blogger Beer.

Islam. I lived for six years on the Arabian Peninsula. I know many good Muslims, many whom would fit right in at any polite dinner party you go to (except with the drinking & eating cocktail wiener part).

They truly fret about what is being done in the name of their faith, however the consequences of speaking out against the Osama Bin Ladens of the world is a little more serious than anonymous phone callers calling you an idiot.

It is VITAL we have their support or at least their acquiescence in prosecuting the war against the likes of Osama Bin Laden. Also, when the preachings of Qutb and Bin Laden are finally condemned to heck where they belong who is going to set Islam's direction?

To sum up, do not declare war against Islam on Blogger Beer.

If you make a factual claim or dress up a factual claim in the language of opinion you had better be able to support it with facts a judge & jury will accept.

To sum up, no libel or slander will be put forth here.

All comments as now posted will be allowed to stand as is, but from this point on comments are subject to deletion.

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