Tuesday, May 15, 2007

RIP Jerry Falwell

I was never a big fan of Jerry Falwell. When I was young it was because of what he said about Kiss. WOMT radio used to carry his radio show and I recall Mr. Falwell decrying the Kiss song God of Thunder.

Then the reason for not being a big fan was because of my turn to leftism, and since I turned away from leftism I have been uncomfortable with Mr. Falwell due to my Catholicism and an earned suspicion of those practicing fundamentalist faiths. However, after my turn from leftism I viewed him and his movement as time to time political allies. However, what he said and did never had a huge effect upon myself one way or the other.

However, it is undeniable the effect him and his organization have had on the American political landscape.

What is notable the hatefest is well underway in the notable lefty blogs. Reports have it the HuffPo in their blog on this topic closed comments, but the HuffandPuffs are spewing their sewage in the commentary in another comments section. Reports have the DemocraticUnderground and others just bubbling over with the raw sewage of hate.

There is wonderment at Hot Air if the left will get this worked up when Osama Bin Laden finally goes down for his dirt nap? No one there is holding their breath over that one.